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Code: 11010-04

Description: For accurate and manual error free determination of flash points of fuels, lubricating oils, and homogenous liquids as per ASTMD92, method A & B. Test parameters are set via keypad,with digital display of set and process temperature


*Automatic Flash point detection.

*Automatic Barometric pressure correction.

*Automatic flash point search mode for unknown samples .

*User set-able heating and flashing profile.

*Automatic or user set-able stirrer speed setting and control.

*Automatic heating profile setting depending on initial sample temperature and expected flash point.

*Automatic cutoff at 30°C beyond expected flash point or at max. temperature limit set by the user.

*2 Preset test Modes as per ASTM Method A & B .

*16 x 4 Line Back Lit Alpha numeric display .

*In-bulit Key pad for settings & data entry.

*Audio visual indication of end of test and Alarms.

*Over temperature safety cutoff and alarm.

*Last reading stored until report is printed or next test is initiated.

*Serial Printer interface for Automatic printing of test report at a press of a        button.

*Ensures minimum power consumption by design thereby reducing operation cost.

*Electrical ignition instead of gas (Optional)

*Resolution                           :   0 .1°C

*Controller Accuracy             :   0.5°C

*Flash Detection Accuracy    :   ±1°C

*Load                                    :   1Kw

*Operation on 230V 50Hz, single phase.

 (Optional 110V 50 Hz, single phase.)


11010-11 Energy Regulator

11010-12 Voltage Variac

11010-13 Digital Controller

11010-14 Reducing Socket cum Flame Regulator

xxxxx-xx IP-28C Thermometer

11010-16 Test Cup

11010-17 Temperature Sensor (pt-100)

11010-18 Thermometer Holder

11010-19 Heating Coil

11010-20 Gas Ignition System

11010-21 Electrical Ignition System (automatic model only)

11010-22 Calibration Certificate